Culture Congress centrum in Eisenstadt

Culture congress centrum in Eisenstadt

Kultur Kongress Zentrum EisenstadtWith its design phase, the Eisenstadt cultural convention centre uses new standards – both visually and functionally. While his case meets all the demands placed on modern architecture and creates an exciting contrast to the Baroque city centre of the state capital, the interior of the house is a convertible backdrop for any expression of art, culture and social life, and thus gives different event profiles the proper context. The application of a multifunctional use, the Eisenstadt culture convention centre justified by different sized rooms, as well by a technical equipment.


It includes a large hall with a balcony for about 760 people and a small hall for about 275 people. The rooms are separated by a mobile wall, but they can also be shared. The house has a ballroom for 120 people in the 3rd floor, which can be divided by mobile partition walls into three meeting rooms. Apart from a large catering area, there are two other meeting rooms  available.

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